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Welcome to the Sports Concussion Clinic!

The sports concussion clinic was designed to help athletes, parents, and coaches be better prepared and knowledgable in regards to concussions.


The clinic was started in 2012 by Dr. Gregg Hartman and Dr. Dave Sommer. 


The clinic provides pre concussion baseline testing and post concussion evaluations and treatment for all ages and all sports. 

What is a Concussion

If you asked people from the 80's if they have ever had a concussion they will often say no but I have had my bell rung a few times.  In reality these people all sustained concussions and had a more serious injury than they thought.  


A concussion is a tramautic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. 

Baseline Testing

Baseline testing is when athletes are put through a series of tests prior to sustaining a concussion to evaluate their neurocognitive, balance, and brain function.  


Baseline testing allows for individualized treatment where the doctors can appropriately evaluate your progress back to your "normal" rather than a general publics study.  

Post Injury Treatment

Getting treatment after a concussion needs to account for many factors.  Doctors at the sports concussion clinic have experience with concussions and various treatment options and methods.  

Our doctors can compare your post injury scores to baseline tests if applicable and can work with you to make the most appropriate return to activity schedule. 

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