Baseline Testing

Baseline testing is when athletes are put through a series of tests prior to sustaining a concussion to evaluate their neurocognitive, balance, memory and comprehensive brain function.  The Baseline testing through the sports concussion clinic is composed of three separate tests.  The first is the King-Devick exam which is a timed number exam which can be used on the sideline as an objective tool for a doctor, coach, parent, athletic trainer, etc to give on the field as a tool to determine if an athlete should be pulled from participation. The second test is a balance test which could also be used as a sideline tool to assess their balance post injury. The last and most comprehensive test is a computerized exam which tests the students memory, delayed memory, reaction time, neurocognitive function, etc. 


These baseline tests allows for individualized treatment where the doctors can appropriately evaluate your progress back to your "normal" rather than a general publics study.  Each individual is different and the baseline tests ensure that the students do not return to participation until they reach their individual score. 

Team and Organization Testing

We can set up baseline testing for teams or organizations at a group rate which is more cost effective to your students. You can either make is mandatory for all athletes in your organiation or you can just simply offer it to your athletes.  By offering the testing and having anyone who declines the testing sign a waiver it can decrease your liability in the event your athlete does sustain a concussion. Email us today to set up an organization testing agreement.

Individual Testing

Not in an organization that is paired with the sports concussion clinic?  No problem at all, Individual baseline testing can be administered in our office in Simi Valley on a daily basis. You simply need to make an appointment and we will coordinate a time for you to come in and meet with our athletic trainers to get your individual baseline test. Pricing for individual baseline testing is $85. 

School Wide Testing

School wide testing can be done at the athletes school in order to avoid unnecessary traveling.  School's can choose to test all sports or just contact sports.  As with any club or organization offering the testing in the school setting will decrease the liability.


 Currently we work with Royal and Simi High school to baseline test all of their contact sports. 

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